Our Approach

We listen to everything you desire to have your project  entail. You might have a detailed pdf, a picture you pulled off of the internet ,a simple rendering by hand or just an image in your head ; we can make any of those pictures come to life.

We love to help with the selection of products to use ,design issues and coordinating of the details as a whole.

We are easy to work with  and care about your happiness. Service means everything to us.

Our Story

My dad tought me the meaning of work. Its fun to work with your hands and see a creation come to life as the day passes. I grew up working summers for him in the masonry trade.  I guess you can say it's in the genes. We did all types of things. Some days were very enjoyable and then others were memorable because they were so hard you thought the day would never end.

In 1998, I decided to venture out on my own and experience the "thrills" of owning my own business.

It's been a pleasure having peoples ideas come to reality and it is still a driving force behind our workmanship practices today.

Here WE are.

Our Company is small but we have always cared deeply for our clients and the product that we leave after the job os complete. It takes alot of effort to find guys that care for every part of the job. Start to finish.

Terry Heck

Founder &  President

Born and raised in Lancaster Co. ,PA.  I'm married with 5 children . I like to watch my kids in sporting events and do things with the family.


Larry Woods

Lead Mason

Larry and his wife live in Lancaster county and enjoys hunting and fishing and has the trophy collection to prove his love for the sport.

Jason, Ame and Matt

The Team

Jason is a dedicated husband,father,son and friend.I always hear that he is helping someone he knows or having someone over to his house to  watch a sporting event on TV.


Ame is a light hearted man who enjoys pursueing bigger ambitions. He's dedicated to his family and his craft .


Matt is newest to the team and  seems driven  excellence in his ambitions,character and job.

Next Steps...

This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.